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About  Us

Curtis and Bobbie Minter are the founders of Real Life International Mission, Inc. (RLIM), a Georgia based 501(c) 3 non-profit evangelistic organization established in September 1999.  They have taken over 30 plus mission trips in the past 20 years seeing over 40,000 come to Christ. The Minters have an overwhelming passion to reach the lost and empower people from all walks of life.  Known for their phenomenal gift, Power - In - Names (P.I.N.), they have the ability to enrich the lives of people by showing them the power in their God given name.  They have done P.I.N. on the One Love Gospel Cruise, Cruise with a Cause, Dancing Preachers and numerous ministry and group events.  They have been featured guest on talks shows, 102.5 FM and 860 AM - Now they have a radio show every Sunday at 4pm on 106 Live Radio.  They are active members at RPM - Restoration Power Ministries under the leadership of Rev. Charles Blackshear.  Curtis Minter attended the Baptist University of America and is the recipient of many community and civic honors.  He received an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Ministry from Muskegon Christian University in 2009.  He along with his wife Bobbie, hosted a successful thought-provoking television program called Real Life Today.  Bobbie possesses an Associate Degree in Interior Decorating from AIU.  Curtis and Bobbie Minter are a unique couple that are sold out for the cause of Christ.  They fostered 12 kids and in February of 2017 they adopted 3 siblings' boys - Jayden, Devon and Marcel.


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Real Life International Mission, Inc.
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