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What's in the depths of your God given name?

Could you imagine a world with out names?   What would we call places, things or objects?   What would we call each other?  How would we communicate?   Names carry powerful meanings to them.                The question is are we living out our name sake?

What is Power-In-Names and Spiritual Name Analysis?


Through the Holy Spirit we have the ability to enrich peoples lives by revealing the power in and giving them awareness of their God given name. Every person needs to know their purpose and identity in the Body of Christ. Your name is a powerful tool as you develop and grow in Christ. The two major gifts you will experience after we speak over your name are prophecy and word of knowledge. The other 7 gifts of the spirit can operate while doing your names. On the average it takes 8 to 12 minutes to do a name.  You will have a better understanding with confirmation toward your destiny in life



A powerful tool for

todays Christians.  It's your Season,

Purpose, Identity in these Last Days.

The question is are we living out our 

NAME sake?


Power in your NAME.

Real Life International Mission, Inc.

Evangelists Dr. Curtis & Bobbie Minter

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You should have your name 

done every 6 months or at 

lease once a year because we 

go through different season's 

of our life.  Every time we do it 

it's a right now word.

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